Macbeth: The After Party

We are excited to present the world premiere of this show.  Penned by local playwright Deanna Smid, this comedy shows what happens when the zany actors from the performance of Macbeth in Elizabethan England get together after the show.  Staged at the Lorne Watson Recital Hall, BU School of Music, November 18 and 19 at 8 PM.

Cast list

Margaret Paisley: Choreographer for Macbeth                       Brett Cline
Richard Houndstooth: Actor playing Macduff in Macbeth     Michael Brooks
William Argyle: Actor playing Macbeth in Macbeth                 Cam Tataryn
Charles Herringbone: Actor playing Banquo in Macbeth       Andrew Mok
Pustula: Actor playing a witch in Macbeth                                Mindy Choy
Wartnose O’Doyle: Actor playing a witch in Macbeth             Trish Buri
Thomas Middleton: Host                                                            Chris Baker

Assistant Director/Understudy                                                  Ray Oleson